US Presidential elections

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    I watched the whole US election race, a constructive experience. I followed almost all debates and and all analysis, on CNN and MSNBC and Aljazeera. It’s so interesting to find out that the United States are a mixture of the blue and the red colour…

    The red states traditionally republican, vote naturally for Trump and the blue ones obviously for Biden. I watched how the democratic process smoothly unfolds in that huge country. The country that dictate the world policy. After a four years of a chaotic trump governing. America is determined more than ever, to prove that it still can rise from the ashes.

    The electoral battle is taking place mostly between the costal states and the inlands, between uncouth, ill-educated nationalist cowboys and educated, open minded, urban populations. Of course it’s unfair to generalize, but this is the impression I got by following this sensationnel election.

    The race between the two candidates is sometimes extraordinary tight, shows how the democracy is fragile and is often difficult to preserve. During those tense moments, I could feel how this nation is divided. Up and again the blue cuts into the red’s lead. The margins become razor thin, revealing the harsh struggle between the liberals and the conservatives.

    In 72 hours of ballots counting in the so called swing states, I realized the greatness of the US despite everything. Their greatness reside in their attachment to a hard earned democracy. How they’re fiercely trying to escape the grip of an authoritarian, messy Trump era. The 2020 election is decisive for America, and the Americans are aware of it and are holding tight, despite the interferences of Trump, himself and his campaign accusing the whole electoral system of fraud.

    Biden isn’t crying victory, he is keeping a low profile letting the institutions take care of the nasty fight taking place, on verge of presidency, with hotheaded, bad loser Trump and his campaign. He knows his lead grows, his is confident and serene..

    This is how I see democracy !!

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