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    le 20 novembre 2020

    America is on the edge. The world superpower is losing it’s soul. As long as I could remember the US were always an example, a country with infinite possibilities and opportunities. The country that dictate the international foreign policy.

    Today the US are fighting against their own demons. After losing their soul to fascism, racism and division, the US wake up fragile more than ever. A fragile democracy, that can be easily destabilized by a president, who is ready to turn everything upside down in order to stay in power.

    Will America start an amendement process in regard of the constitution, to prevent this kind of situations in the futur ? Despite the fact that almost half of the Americans are supporting this awkward transition. Hence the big question, is America longing for the civil war of 1761? The division they’re experiencing is no less dangerous than the one they had in the 18 Th. century.

    When a defeated president doesn’t want to leave the stage and does everything to harm the Anchorage of the democracy. Making the whole présidentiel election looks like, any other one in a dictatorship, it’s really scary. I always thought the american administration is wiser than that. As they spend time giving democracy lessons to the whole world and sometimes are even willing to institute their own vision of democracy in other countries. Whereas In reality they move their troops to invade other countries in order to rob their valuable natural resources.

    So America might be the country of unlimited possibilities and opportunities, but it is still a global power, which always seek to undermine the stability of other countries, for it’s own bénéfice. Now America has shown the whole world, that it could be quite vulnerable.

    Today America has to deal first, with its own issues, with its own contradictions and precarious social system. It has to heal itself from the national division and mistrust.

    America ought to regain the trust and the respect of its allies, and to give an exemple of real power through real democracy. Otherwise the world will continue to look at It, of course as a superpower, but with an Achilles heal …


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