Here is the truth, their truth !!!

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    The Jewish Chief Rabbi of the Israeli eastern communities orders the Israeli Jewish settlers, to kill the Palestinian operatives/ruiners, smash their heads and mercilessly torture them to the last breath. He said, « you must grab hold the heads of the Palestinian « ruiners » and hit them to the ground until being crashed and then scatter their body into pieces. » It is important that also some Israeli commanders even Netanyahu called gave permission to Israeli colonial settlers to use all kind of weapons and kill whoever they suspect! Under what law such violent instigation are permitted? Why if a Palestinian leader says the same, the whole world calls us terrorists? But when an Israeli occupier says that, none condemns? Now all of you is witnessing Israel’s bad intentions and hatred to Palestinians.
    #WakeUpWorld #FreePAlestine #We_Demand_Justice #EndOccupation

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