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    image imageShocking  photos and videos, are pouring from occupied Palestine. I see soldiers armed with heavy arsenal, aiming at young and disarmed Palestinians. I see them pulling the trigger … who can stop them from doing it, nothing and nobody. On the contrary they’re  given the power to kill at sight. In fact those soldiers of apocalypse are driven by some kind of belief.

    A belief that people they kill are only dirt, terrorists, sons of the b.. who deserve to die.

    Why is that? Cause they’ve been taught to believe fiercely, that they’re God chosen people and the rest of the world are goyims, humans without legitimacy, with no right to live and to breathe. God the almighty the merciful, can’t tolerate  that, such heartless assassins, racists, dare pretend to be the God chosen elite.

    ‘Chosen people’, who came back to the land, that they pretend was theirs thousands of years ago, given to them by God.  ‘Chosen people’ that are actually atheist, using religion only to steal the Palestinian land. ‘Chosen people’ who hardly mention Moses or the Thora. ‘Chosen people’ who creat their own ‘religion’ or ideology,  to oppress other people. Chosen people who allow and honour the killing of other people, as long as they’re not Zionists.

    60 years of harsh and racist occupation, siege, humiliation and killing.  Condemned to suffer occupation and segregation, while the world is watching silently, the silence means approval. Palestinians are born to suffer endlessly in their stolen land and demolished homes. They fight with bare hands , while the enemy is carrying most sophisticated  weapons.

    Life without dignity isn’t life at all. Apartheid is still among us in 21 century, we’re still witnessing house demolitions, killing, deprivation, racism, endless checkpoints, separation walls. Who can stand this torture? Gaza is a concentration camp, a fantome city, where people live in ruins, no electricity, no drinkable water.

    The international law has no effect, since the occupier is breaking it relentlessly and without shame.

    Palestinian kids are  throwing stones at them, they can’t live under occupation anymore, they rise to tell them we do exist et we won’t give up our identity, our land and the holy Mosque of Al Qods. Zionists call them terrorists, they seek to exterminate them, to make them disappear, vanish.

    Palestinians value life, but they don’t hesitate to  die  for their cause, they prefer dying than pretending to live. They can’t go on like this, every drop of blood in their body is longing to flow for the cause.

    Zionists call them little snakes and eliminate them without hesitation. Who is going to put an end to this suffering? I don’t see one,

    We keep on talking denouncing this misery, is that all we can do ? People of Palestine are trapped in a big conspiracy and are paying the biggest tribute to a humanity that is not human anymore. They have no land, no future, no rights, no shelters. Condemned by Zionists to live without home. And still the world is watching silently no one is condemning this unbalanced exchange of hostilities. The repression the killing, the slaughtering of kids,  fighting with bare hands. The biased media broadcast news from the occupied territories, stressing on the young stone throwers and minimizing  the role and the cruelty of the settlers.

    My heart is aching to see the courageous people of Palestine, shot like some sort of animals and left to die in their own blood.

    The killing won’t  stop them from continuing their battle for a better place a better life.

    I hear their voices, I feel their strength and determination to face the ruthless enemy, they won’t give in , they won’t give up their fight for freedom. And the world is still watching  motionless, voiceless. Little by little the whole humanity is becoming an accomplice of a 60 years old injustice…





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