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    Each year the whole world make a big pose to honor the victims of the 9/11.
    I do too, I think of all that innocent people, who had to pay with their life for some evil political schemes.
    Each time I recall those moments, when civil aero planes were hitting the twin towers, I thought this couldn’t be true.
    Now the event is history, and I still remember that day, I was in Rabat having lunch with some friends, and I was not aware of what was taking place in New York. My telephone rang, and a French friend called me asking me if I was watching the news on TV. Some incredible act was happening in NY.
    The shock was as big as the horror of seeing ordinary people like you and me. Jumping out of the windows to escape the fire and the sudden disaster. The unspeakable malediction that fell upon them, while they were routinely joining their job that morning.
    This was not a distraous natural catastrophe, not an earth quick. It was not a unavoidable tragedy, it was a man’s deed, an action planned and performed by humans, professional ones.
    Than came the big news, Arab Moslem terrorists are behind, one of the most horrible act in our history. A list of some unknown faces appear in all media of the world. Anti-Islam propaganda begun : Moslems are behind this evil act.
    How could normal people plan and perform such a satanic mischief? The stories start to take shape in the media, different versions were moulded, and different lies made up.
    Some untrained, nonprofessional young Arabs, stole aero planes from one of the biggest the most controlled airport in the world  (like stealing some merchandise from a supermarket)  operated them and  flew over New York. They utilized those planes as a weapon to destroy the twin towers, and other places, even the Pentagon was targeted.
    Since that time I try to figure out how pirates, could flew in the sky of New York, without being noticed or detected by the big FAA, federation of aviation administration.
    The most important civil aviation authority in the world, more efficient and more influent than ICAO, international civil aviation organization.
    I still ask my self as a normal human being, how could a country like the US be surprised by such a huge act, and take all that time to react.
    It was past 9 am. Were all the sophisticated radars out of order? All the air traffic controllers on vacation?
    I still try to figure out this tragedy and to tell you the truth I’m not satisfied by the official version, and never will be.
    Il live in the hope that some day we will learn the real story, a day when all the real instigators of that massacre don’t breath anymore.

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