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    ‘We storm the Capitol’

    The  US forteresse of democracy is attacked by thousands of rioters, following Trump call on Twitter. A crowd of thugs, anarchists poured into the US parlement. They broke glass, destroy property climb walls. They were out of control, the police was caught off guard.  
    The Trump uprising took finally place, just like he predicted it and just as he promised. The whole establishment was shocked, as no one really believed that Trump would go that far. 
    As an outsider I see this event as a declaration of war. America is now divided, Trump and his staff succeed on dividing it and this kind of terror is the proof of The angry mob not only charged the Capitol, it also committed agression on  people inside the building. The situation was out of control inside the Congress. 
    A very embarrassing situation to present to the world, the US are confronted with their own demons. The media was reporting the fact commenting helplessly the event taking place in front of them.

    Trump’s friends have to insist harshly, in order to make him call off this anarchy and stop glorifying violence. He’s gone too far. He has never accepted his election
    Now Trump is more isolated than ever, banned from the social media, he is risking an other impeachment next week.
    Only twelve days before the inauguration of the 46th president of the USA, Jo Biden.
    America will never be the same again, it will take decades to recover and to burry Trump’s era.
    Bonds between the american people are forever affected and they will need time to heal. What will become of The 45th  president of the US, will he be held accountable for his bad behaviour ? We will wait and see how the whole story will unfold …


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