Gaza, extermination and death!

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    « The words lose all their meaning when it comes to talking about the massacre in occupied Palestine. Every time I try to express my feelings about this injustice, I feel deep within my gut that any expression is futile, useless. It’s despair, frustration, and anger that prevail.

    This war and the regular attacks on the Gaza Strip become more acute and intense each time. This time, the war is even more deadly and destructive.

    Israel seeks revenge, kills, massacres, humiliates civilians, women, children—everyone and everything. Israel’s survival has never been more critical for its founders, who become even more extremist, racist, and fascist. The governments of the State of Israel have evolved into endemic extremism. All socialist leaders or those with socialist inclinations have been eliminated or completely marginalized.

    Today, it is the voice of hatred for Zionist expansionism and injustice that rises. Israel strikes indiscriminately, killing everything that moves in Gaza. This murderous rage that seizes the rulers is unstoppable, out of control, striking down innocents, massacring and exterminating them in the name of what? An insane idea built on historical lies, false religious claims, completely irrational and unrealizable.

    Jews have always been part of societies worldwide, without a known origin. Judaism is a monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its sacred book. There are European Jews, Arab Jews, Russian Jews, and so on.

    At the beginning of the last century, an atheist, fascist political movement emerged. This movement promotes the idea of Jewish identity, the Jewish race, knowing that Judaism is a religion and not a race. This atheist movement uses all means to impose its vision and ideology. Its impact intensified after the Second World War when Hitler massacred Jews in Germany and throughout Europe. Zionism then took unprecedented proportions and began to build its empire in the world. It subjugated all global financial and economic sectors, building its actions on guilt and political blackmail. The movement infiltrated all strategic sectors governing the economy and finances of countries, especially powerful ones, namely Europe and America. The richest Jewish families imposed themselves on the universal political stage, planning, mapping a corridor in all key points governing the planet, stifling any voices that rise or could rise one day against their vengeful strategy.

    Today, the policy of double standards has become the rule. Anything that can counter the global Zionist power is nipped in the bud. Old democracies create the State of Israel, using colonial legitimacy. Britain gives land, which does not belong to it, to a group of European Jewish refugees committed to the Zionist ideology. They came to occupy the land of the Palestinians and build a state for Zionist Jews on the ashes of a land they set on fire each time.

    1948 marks the first Palestinian ‘Nakba’ (catastrophe), followed by the 1967 war for the occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai, in addition to Jerusalem, the holy city encompassing three religions.

    The right to self-defense is seen in all the harmful actions of this state, and any resistance becomes terrorism. A world where justice takes on several colors; the justice of some is not the justice of others. The blindness of Talmudic Zionist fanatics allows them to treat Palestinians as subhuman animals to be exterminated. Today, even animals have justice in this world; animals are more protected by powerful associations and states against massacre and extinction.

    But what many ignore is that the Talmud is a roadmap full of abominable laws that give its followers the right to commit the worst atrocities in the name of Zionist supremacy. Talmudic Zionists are not believers and do not respect the Torah. To achieve their vile objectives, they have written rules that give them a blank check over the entire world. Today, their misdeeds affect Palestinians, and tomorrow it will be the entire Middle East region and so on.

    European and American leaders are carefully chosen to support global Zionist policy. This universal movement deals directly with leaders, with all those who hold power in this world, to subject them to their vision and strategy. Today, they have silenced the voice of certain social media, such as FB and company. TikTok still partially escapes them, so they seek influencers in this social media to buy their voices, especially those who denounce their atrocious war against civilians.

    It is crucial to know that this movement is tentacular, and it has its eyes everywhere and its men and women everywhere. A few years ago, it was hard to believe, today things are clearing up, the hidden hyper-document is now dusted off, taken out of the drawer, and its content application and implementation are in progress.

    The massacre we see today in Gaza is just the beginning of a great diabolical project. The State of Israel no longer content with bombing and killing entire families, demolishing their homes, destroying their vital infrastructure but applies great geopolitical and expansionist aims. These intentions have been traced for centuries and just needed people capable of implementing them. Today, with a hyper-extremist, fanatical government that considers all those who are not Zionists as goys deserving all the evil that can be inflicted on them.

    European and American leaders have shown their selflessness and dedication to this diabolical cause. We have seen all these leaders heading to Israel to express their adherence to the plan and their submission to the laws dictated by global Zionism. I would say that all these leaders are themselves Zionists and believe in Israel’s designs. The big lie of the appearance of the Messiah in the Holy Land to absolve all evangelical Christians on earth is also bearing fruit.

    Western peoples are beginning to see more clearly in this cursed game. They understand that the victims are the Palestinians and not the Zionists. Outraged, shocked voices are beginning to rise, even among Jews themselves. Thousands of peaceful and democratic Jews worldwide stand against the policy. Even within Israel, voices of truth cry out against the scandal and injustice.

    Our world is not without hope because we see even some media entirely dedicated to international Zionism beginning to broadcast part of the sad reality, and I am sure this is just the beginning.

    But anger takes hold of me when I hear rumors about the Egyptian president clearing part of the Sinai Desert, expelling its inhabitants to prepare the second Nakba for the poor Palestinians in Gaza. I refuse to believe this idea; I cannot believe that one can betray their own. I am convinced that the Egyptian people will never endorse such a maneuver and will never be complicit in such treachery, whatever the price. Otherwise, we can already bid farewell to all morality, ethics, and fraternity. We can say goodbye to our Muslim piety, our principles, and our faith, to throw ourselves into the arms of Satan.

    Let us stop being preached about Arab-Muslim identity; we are defenseless against this scourge, but we do not want to be accomplices. Our division will become even more glaring. Countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen are already under the influence of Iranians, whose Islam is controversial. These same Iranians, charged with ancestral hatred towards Sunni Arab Muslims, will join Zionism to end our faith, our national sovereignties, and will set the Middle East on fire and rush to do the same in North Africa. Existing divisions and absurd animosities will make their task easier.

    May God help us! »

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