Palestine the denial !

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    Palestine the denial ! 

    During the Gaza events, I got the chance to know my real friends, form some hypocrites who just pretend to be so. I was really affected by all the atrocities, our fellow human being could commit whiteout remorse. The least I could expect from my friends is to support this cause, and to stand beyond any political calculation. The Gaza issue concerns the entire humanity, and can’t be denied any further.
    The big disappointment came from a friend who, instead of supporting the Palestinians in their suffering, starts criticizing some of my posts on FB. Accusing me of defusing hatred. I was in deed shocked by her accusations. Instead of denouncing the killing of children, and civilians, she chooses to attack me for talking about it. Some people prefer to live in constant denial, even when the reality is so obvious and can’t be ignored. Their traditional support of Zionism remains sacred and nothing could shake it, even those outrageous images coming from a sieged Gaza

    They refuse to recognize the facts, and keep on blaming others without shame. The overwhelming atrocities and the killing happening in Gaza, the siege, the malnutrition, the deprivation, the injustice, all this use to be considered as Palestinian’s fault. Since they reject the condition, that is imposed on them and choose to never give in to the terror state of Israel.

    The media never stopped manipulating the truth, so that victims become terrorists and killers are seen as victims.
    For the first time, I sensed some sort of change in the world perception of this ancient conflict. People around the globe start reacting, maybe not as much as I would have hoped, but it is a good start. Even some international media decide to broadcast the events during the attack on Gaza. They show the bombing, the killing and the mutilating of kids and the huge number of casualties in comparison to those in Israel.
    It’s a shy beginning it has to be promoted in order to make the world more conscious of this forgotten cause, to make them listen to Palestinian revendications and share their suffering.
    The time has finally arrived, I saw people rioting, supporting the people of Gaza, shouting and denouncing the accomplice policy of their government. It’s a tremendous victory over oppression, racism and injustice.
    The Arab spring, that has enabled a wind of change to blow over a lot of arab countries, is still looming in the air. The time of dictatorship and oppression is over, people have no fear to go on the streets, demanding their freedom and putting an end to totalitarian regimes. The big change has come and Zionists and their sponsors have to admit it. They have to change the vision, and ideas they have been serving their allies for decades. Governments might go on supporting them, but people are becoming more and more aware of the big lie, which is ‘Israel the victim’. They are aware now of ‘Israel the oppressor’.

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